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If  by some chance you have arrived at this website from a link at or you will know that it’s common knowledge that I love the RUGER 10/22 and have been contemplating a DO IT YOURSELF 10/22 project for some time but I have had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to do. My goal was to do something a little different but not insanely expensive. It would be real simple to just order a complete 10/22 from the likes of VOLQUARTSEN for about $1200 and call it a day. The other day I was browsing the Brownells website and I stumbled across a name in guns that I had forgotten about in recent years. That name is Jim Clark of Clark Custom Guns. Jim has a reputation of outstanding work on everything from1911′s, Smith & Wesson model 41′s, Smith & Wesson revolvers, AR-15′s and you guessed it, the RUGER 10/22.

Brownells is offering several variations of  CLARK CUSTOM GUNS RUGER 10/22 BARRELED ACTIONS. The differences between the models are as follows:

  • Target – Plain, Blue, .920″ Diameter 21.5″ long
  • Target – Plain, Stainless .920″ Diameter 21.5″ long
  • Target – Fluted, Blue, .920″ Diameter 21.5″ long
  • Target – Fluted, Stainless, .920″ Diameter 21.5″ long
  • Hunter -Fluted, Blue .920″ Diameter 16″ long

All models feature:

  • Heavy Contour Lothar Walther Barrel
  • Competition Trigger Job
  • Trigger Stop
  • Weaver TO9 Scope Base
  • 1/2″ Group Size @ 50 Yard Guarantee

At this point I’m leaning towards the TARGET STAINLESS with the FLUTED BARREL. The FLUTING adds $65 to the price but I think the weight reduction will be worth it.

The CLARK CUSTOM GUNS RUGER 10/22 BARRELED ACTION will need to be bedded in a stock. I will need to research those aspects of the project while saving money for the project. Going forward the site will have a static page devoted to this project for visitors to follow along.

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Drew March 13, 2011 at 12:29 am

Update: The fine folks at CLARK CUSTOM GUNS passed along a picture of two RUGER 10/22 BARRELED ACTIONS. Click on the image in the first post to view it full size.

Drew April 25, 2011 at 10:29 pm

Well I thought it would happen sooner but I am happy to report I ordered my CLARK CUSTOM 10/22 BARRELED ACTION today. I ordered the “TARGET STAINLESS” Would have preferred the fluted but it doesn’t really matter.

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