Kidd Innovative Design 10/22

Feb 7, 2013 | Ruger 10/22 Projects

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Kidd Innovative Design 10/22

Kidd Innovative Design 10/22

This past Christmas, as a gift, I received a Tactical Solutions Vantage 10/22 Stock in Crimson Red. At the same time, a little unexpected and unplanned, I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful and thoughtful gift. The timing was perfect. I had been in the process of gathering parts for another 10/22 project for this site, but I was not very far along in the process, and the new stock allowed me to fast-track another brand new project. You see, back in the fall, early September, if I recall correctly, I happened on to a website from a company called  Kidd Innovative Design. My initial impression of the website was that Kidd Innovative Design offered premium 10/22 parts that could be used to assemble possibly the finest 10/22’s. To say I was interested is an understatement. I then researched Kidd Innovative Design’s products on the various rimfire forums. By all reports, there were no finer 10/22 parts. That was all I needed. The bug was planted.

Kidd Innovative Design 10/22 Parts

Kidd Innovative Design 10/22 Parts

Fast forward to January, I decided to put off the other 10/22 project and order a KIDD Classic Receiver for examination purposes before taking the full plunge. Much to my surprise, the receiver arrived at my FFL in a few days. It was apparent that the KIDD Classic Receiver was beautifully machined and finished inside and out. A few days later, I ordered the remainder of the parts to complete the project. Three days later, USPS delivered a little box of joy. Kidd Innovative Design’s attention to detail is evident in their packaging and shipping. There is absolutely no risk of anything getting dinged or scuffed. Midway can learn a few things from these folks.

The trigger assembly, barrel, and bolt are machined and finished just as well as the Classic Receiver. Every surface and fit speaks of quality and precision, which I do not typically see on firearms other than 1911’a that cost thousands of dollars more. To say I was impressed is an understatement.

I spent about an hour that evening assembling the 10/22 rifle seen at the top of the page. Assembly was not as easy as assembling an AR15 but still pretty easy. Kidd Innovative Design includes all the hex key wrenches required except for the barrel v-block.

Note: Being manufactured to tight tolerances, special care needs to be taken when installing the barrel

I like to test customer service before I recommend anything, and I think it’s essential for folks to know upfront what to expect. Kidd Innovative Design’s customer service is every bit as good as its products. Each email was responded to very quickly with thorough and helpful information. Even an offer to install the barrel into the receiver for me if I had trouble. What more could I ask for from Kidd? Superior product with matching support. Kudos to Kidd Innovative Design.

Only one question remains. Do I go with a fluted barrel and a two-stage trigger for the next project?

Over the next few weeks, I will get a suppressor and optics mounted and if the weather co-operates some range time. I will throw together a dedicated page to this product in my typical part-by-part explanation with pictures.

Stay tuned.