Aklys Defense ZK-22 10-22 Bullpup Stock Kit

Oct 31, 2021 | Ruger 10/22 Stocks

Aklys Defense ZK-22 10/22 Bullpup Stock Kit

Aklys Defense ZK-22 10/22 Bullpup Stock Kit

The Aklys Defense ZK-22 10/22 Bullpup Stock Kit allows a Ruger 10/22 to be converted to a bullpup that somewhat resembles an FN PS90. (The High Tower Armory 90/22 10/22 stock is more accurate in appearance.) To avoid a court or jail time the ZK-22 stock requires a barrel that’s at least 18.5″ in length.

The FN PS90 is illegal in my home state so I won’t be buying and reviewing a ZK-22 any time soon. For what it’s worth I can’t even buy a Ruger Charger .22 pistol here. I encourage visitor feedback on the ZK-22 and the HTA 90/22. You might also be interested in viewing more stock options here.

Available from Sportsman’s Guide and Brownells

Aklys Defense ZK-22 10/22 Bullpup Stock Kit

The Aklys Defense ZK-22 drop-in stock kit will accept any standard Ruger® 10/22® receiver with carbine barrel, or .920″ Bull barrel,18.5″ or longer. This stock turns your tired Ruger 10/22 into a lightweight zombie killing machine or the coolest .22 rifle on the block or range.


  • Engineered, designed, built, and assembled in the USA!
  • Easy install. No gunsmith needed. Install at home.
  • Accepts 18.5″ inch or longer Ruger or aftermarket barrels up to .920 in diameter. The stock comes with adapters that will let you use standard or heavy barrels.
  • Accepts most full capacity magazines, including the MWG 50 round coffin magazine and the Ruger® BX-25®.
  • Provides rail mount system for mounting optics or other accessories.
  • Ambidextrous charging handle, Sling point mounts, safety, and mag release.
  • Integral trigger safety.
  • Adjustable trigger interface to tune to your preference of triggers.
  • Shell deflector included allowing for full ambidextrous use.

 To not violate NFA overall length requirements. This Ruger® 10/22® stock requires an 18.5″ inch or longer barrel length.