Slide Fire 1022 Stock SSAR-22

Slide Fire 1022 Stock SSAR-22

Leave it to the Slide Fire team to take the incredibly fun to shoot and accurate Ruger 10/22 and make it even more fun with their Slide Fire 1022 Buttstock ! I don’t even need to explain how cool this is. I smell the birth of a new site project. If you aren’t sure why you need the slide fire click the link below and be enlightened.

Slide Fire 1022 Butttock SSAR-22 Video

Slide Fire 1022 Butttock SSAR-22

Outfit your Ruger®10/22® for the ultimate rapid fire experience with the SSAR-22 Kit. It includes an SSAR-15® OGR stock, 3lb pull trigger, and Tactical-22™ chassis. The 3lb Trigger is optimized for rapid fire action and the 10/22® chassis system is designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a standard RUGER 10/22® rifle. This is more than an addition, it’s a complete overhaul on your rifle.

The Slide Fire 1022 Buttttock SSAR-22 utilizes the same groundbreaking design and technology as the SSAR-15 line of stocks, offering the same level of performance, reliability, and superior craftsmanship for the classic 10/22 rifle. The SSAR-22 allows the shooter to safely bump fire their 10/22 rifle from the shoulder, effectively and legally simulating fully automatic fire, and allowing for an unprecedented measure of control that is severely lacking when attempting to bump fire a rifle in the traditional, “from-the-hip” manner.

The SSAR-22 features a shelf that positions the shooter’s index finger in a fixed position in front of the rifle’s trigger. To fire, the rifle is moved forward with the support hand pushing on the forend, thereby bringing the trigger to the shooter’s finger and discharging a round. The rifle’s recoil causes it to move rearward, allowing the trigger mechanism to reset. When the right amount of constant forward pressure is applied, the rifle will continue to fire as the trigger is brought forward and depressed by the shooter’s stationary index finger, causing the gun to Bump Fire. Only 4-6 lbs. of force is required, allowing shooters of any stature to enjoy the fast paced fun of the Slide Fire 10/22. With a little practice, the shooter will be capable of delivering accurate single shots, bursts, or even full magazine dumps on demand using the SSAR-22.

The SSAR-22 employs a simple stock locking mechanism that allows shooters to select between their preferred firing methods easily and quickly. In the extended or “Open” position, the rifle’s receiver is allowed to freely slide rearward during the recoil impulse into the stock, thereby allowing the gun to be bump fired. The stock may also be locked into a collapsed, or “Closed,” position into which the buffer tube attached to the chassis is held in place within the buttstock and unable to move, thereby facilitating semi-auto function.

The SSAR-22 is designed to be compatible with the Ruger 10/22 and clones. SSAR-22 Kit includes the chassis system platform, match grade trigger assembly, SBS stock, handguard with flattop rail for optic or sight mounting, interface block, nut retainer, hex key, mounting hardware, instructions, BATFE Approval Letter, and a lifetime factory warranty. Also included is an A2 pistol grip and collapsible, M4 buttstock for converting the 10/22 to a standard M4 configuration if extended semi-auto operation is desired. Made in the USA.

Technical Information:

  • Model: SSAR-22
  • Stock Material: Reinforced High Strength Polymer
  • Compatibility: Ruger 10/22

NOTE: The Left Hand Model has a fixed finger shelf located on the right side of the stock. The trigger will be blocked by this shelf and inaccessible when fired with the right hand.

Slide Fire 1022 Buttstock SSAR-22